July 2009

More from Eagle... The U.S. Consulate was invited for the ride-in to Halifax Harbor. These are a few pics of the ship underway.
Michael Phelps showed up at the same pool the kids have swimming lessons...no wait, that's Nolan!
We went up to Liz's office to check out the tall ships as they left the harbor.
The Coast Guard Academy's training ship, Eagle, visited Halifax with the tall ships. The very same ship Grandpa Nolan trained on when he was a cadet at the Coast Guard Academy. We saw a lot of the cadets wandering around the city. We even met some and invited them over to play Star Wars trivial pursuit. And they did! Then they stayed overnight in our basement (anything to get off the ship for a night). They even gave us a special tour of Eagle the next day. They were very nice kids and Nolan, Betsy, Brendan and Quinn really loved them. Now if all goes according to plan all 4 of our kids will attend the Coast Guard Academy (and our college tuition worries will be over).
Brendan got a goal! And he was quite happy with himself. The lap around the field with his arms raised was a little much though.