May 2004

All the Schweflers showed up to support a local orphanage in a 5K fun run/walk. We came in 2nd in the family category! Nolan was pretty proud that he rode the whole 5K with no help and Betsy says she didn't get tired once.
Betsy's "beautiful" 3rd birthday!
I finally went to my first European football match. Legia of Warsaw took on Wisla Plock. It's a pretty big understatement to say the fans are passionate about the game. We stood and cheered throughout the entire game, from start to finish and even as we exited the stadium. I learned many local football cheers (as well as many colorful polish words that don't come up in my polish class). I still, a week later, have some of the cheers ringing in my head (please kill me). As you can see, pyrotechnics are a common site throughout the game. It even appears as if the visiting fans (the ones seated in their own walled off section way out behind the goal) lit themselves on fire. They didn't, but if it weren't for the row of riot police surrounding the visitors' section, I'm pretty certain the Legia fans would have.
The J&S Cup was held in Warsaw again. Our tickets weren't as good this year, but Venus Williams was. She won the tournament with ease. The final day of the tournament was also the first day for Poland as a member of the European Union (a big deal). The EU flag was flying proudly.
Nolan constructed an "eagle bed" with room for 3 to sleep (Nolan got to choose his sleeping space first).
You never know who's going to show up at the embassy. Henry Kissinger stopped by to see what was going on. Liz didn't seem too impressed.