March 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
The fish market
" call that a fish? That is not a doesn't even look like it can 6 year old boy can catch frogfish bigger than should pay me to take it off your hands." My haggling needs some work, but that's what you have to do at the market. It's actually kind of fun now that I know what the prices should be.
Kemo's young padawan continues his training.
On our way back we went through the mangrove fields. We saw one or two of these pirogues after each turn. During low tide the local villagers collect the oysters that attach themselves to the mangrove roots.
Nolan caught a frogfish! Unfortunately, that's all we had to show for three hours of fishing.
This is "Agoogoo" (we just call him the guy with the coconuts on his head.) We've been told there's no real cultural or historical signifigance to the outfit. Usually it's just a bunch of kids getting together with one of them dressing up and the rest dancing and singing. They hope to put on a show for the tourists and make a little money. We tend to avoid him, but since he was standing in the middle of the road blocking our way (and since his friend appeared to be holding a loaded rifle) we decided to stop and give him a few dalasi.