February 2006

The finals of the Africa Cup of Nations were today (Egypt beat The Ivory Coast in a shootout.) It seemed like every Gambian we saw was glued to their radio. There was a TV showing the match in this little shop...The Gambia's version of a sports bar.
These are some pics from the local (and only) golf course, The Fajara Club. It's not Augusta National, but at least they allow women in...and wild boar. There are no greens on the course, instead they have hard-packed oilsand areas called browns. Come to think of it they don't really have fairways either, it's pretty much rough, mud or sand from tee to brown. It's still golf though, and it's a regulation 18 hole course, so it's always nice to get in a few holes.
We met one of the palm tapping dudes. They shimmy right up the palm trees and collect the palm wine from the top. It tasted pretty good straight from the tree, but Brendan was a little hesitant to try it until the filtering and refining process was complete.