June 2004

According to Nolan the Metro was the best site of all (he didn't care where we were going as long as it was on Metro).
Nolan and Betsy were sure to point out all (I mean all) the exhibits.
We spent a few weeks in Washington, DC and saw some of the sites.
Liz, Brian and Erin's going away party at Pub Lolek.
Towards the middle of the day, the sun began to really beat down. This building actually started to melt as Liz walked by (no trick photography, the building really looks like that).
A photo from the longest wooden pier in Europe. The building with the brown roof on the left is our hotel. It has a China theme to it, and boasts of the best Chinese food in Poland (not saying a lot really, but it was tasty).
On one of our last long weekends in Poland we headed for the beaches.