October 2002

This is a view of the Thames from the Tate (London's modern art museum). The bridge is called the Millenium Bridge, which we ended up walking over at the end of the day.
This is a statue of the real Peter Pan. Nolan wanted to be sure to point it out to his friend, Joe.
This playground is in Hyde Park and was built in honor of Princess Diana. It has a Peter Pan theme and is much bigger than what these photos show. We weren't able to see the rest as Nolan (Captain Hook) refused to leave the vicinity of the pirate ship..."Captain Hook needs to stay here and run over the little sailboats".
These softball images are from the Kutno Classic. The nearby city of Kutno challenges the US Embassy softball team to a game every year. The US ended up winning the 16th Kutno Classic 10-7. There was a trophy presentation after the game. The man in the red hat and white uniform is the Mayor of Kutno and the man in the center in the brown jacket is the US Ambassador to Poland. (Mike went 4 for 5 with a double!)