September 2004

This is one of the first (of many) thunderstorms that passed over our neighborhood. It's rainy season, so we get a storm every one or two days. They are pretty violent, but they only last about 20 minutes or so and cool things down considerably.
We went to Lamin Lodge, a rustic restaurant built over the water amongst miles of mangrove trees. It was very rustic, basically made out of sticks. If you dropped anything small it would fall right through the floor and into the water below. The bridge connecting the solid land to the restaurant was flooded, so we had to take a flat-bottomed canoe. We heard we might see monkeys, we didn't hear they would actually climb in the window and take our drinks. We're definitely in Africa now.
Nolan's 5th Birthday! A little sparse as it was our 3rd day in The Gambia, but he got some Star Wars guys so everything was a-ok.