February 2003

We vacationed on the Greek Island of Crete. We stayed at a nice place near the city of Chania. It came with its own gorge (including bat cave), which we explored thoroughly. We had the place to ourselves...our only neighbors were some goats who grazed by every once in a while.
This is a beach in the town of Stavros. The movie, "Zorba the Greek" was filmed here (never saw it). Nolan and Betsy wanted to stay here forever.
Nolan and Betsy were excited to finally see the sun.
This is the "picturesque" boardwalk of Chania. It didn't live up to its name. The locals said they couldn't remember the weather ever being this bad in Crete (sigh).
We trekked up to the mountains one day. It was only about an hour's drive (straight up) from where we were staying. I guess we were homesick for the snow in Warsaw (could've used the snow tires, too).
The big kids (and some dads) made some great tunnels in the snow. Nolan, Betsy and Tommy went spelunking after the big kids went to school.