October 2004

Happy Halloween! Nolan was a Super Bowl Champion New England Patriot, Brendan was a World Series Champion Boston Red Sock and Betsy was the most beautiful princess of all the beautiful princesses.
Nolan and Betsy made a new friend.
We spent the day at a nearby resort...the Kairaba Hotel.
Here are some more pics from our yard. As far as we can tell we have 2 avocado trees, a mango tree, what looks to be a grapefruit tree, 2 palm trees and one tree that hasn't borne anything yet (we're hoping it's an orange tree).
We're starting to really like our backyard. Nolan and Betsy have been birding at sunset. On the day these pictures were taken we saw a red-billed hornbill, a pair of laughing doves, a red-billed firefinch and the ever elusive green-breasted sunbird. [Note to the even more elusive green wood hoopoe: We know you're out there. You have to show yourself sometime and when you do we will see you.]
Breaking in the new couch...
Mike helped out with the haunted house...it was ghoul.