October 2006

We went to the great pumpkin regatta in Windsor, Nova Scotia. This guy won for the 4th year in a row. He's 71 years old.
Last stop Windsor, home of the Dill Giant Pumpkin Farm. At one time they held the Guinness world record, but it's since been broken.
We also passed through Wolfville...there was a corn maze!
Kentville...home of the pumpkin people. They really take pride in their pumpkin people here. The town was crawling with them. It was kind of like being in some kind of weird amateur horror movie.
At one point they surrounded little Quinn...
In the end we all made friends.
Happy Halloween! Betsy was Anne of Green Gables (a local favorite), Brendan was a bunny rabbit (a Brendan favorite) and Nolan was a Red Sock (a Daddy favorite). The Haligonians seem to really dig Halloween. The houses in our neighborhood had some pretty elaborate displays.